Shelby B The RD Brand is about attainable and approachable nutrition. It highlights the struggles that the everyday woman are confronted with and shine light on health management that can improve their living or add to their lack of self-care. With far too many options and not enough accessibility to knowledge, women yo-yo their lives all the while hoping for a miracle. The world is full of dietary fads and healthy food trends and as women opt in for a yoga class filled with goats, the question begs to be asked? What is it all for? The Shelby B The RD brand answers with passion and authenticity; there’s life in good food, healthy recipes and good choices, we just have to choose. 


The Shelby B The RD brand is a trusted resource dedicated to create an atmosphere of warmth of acceptance for women who count every calorie to those who frequent drive-thru cuisine. It is a judge-free zone meant to help women maximize their health management and change their relationship with food. The Shelby B The RD brand is more than a handful of knowledge for women to follow; it is the platform that connects to the hearts of women and give them the tools they need to fully live. 

Frozen grapes taste way better than candy, there’s 3 times more fiber in wheat flour than in white, and a black bean burger can be just as flavorful as beef, these are a few things to learn with the Shelby B The RD brand. It is a wealth of knowledge that adds value to those wanting healthier options. From how to shop at the grocery store to giving refrigerators an amazing makeover, and preparing healthy recipes this brand uses practical tactics to change how women view food. As women multitask between being all things for everyone, the Shelby B The RD brand provides simple and healthy ways for them to incorporate food that improves their lives. 

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  • Shelby B The RD is the brand that all of us women need to follow, she really believes in empowering women through health management and teaching healthy recipes. Her approachable attitude and passion for the kitchen is infectious!

    Lana Coxton - MS, RD, CNSC, ACSM EP-C

    Clinical Dietitian/Nutrition Support Clinician/Nutrition Talk W/ Lana

  • I’m not much of a cook, but following At Home Eats has made me significantly more comfortable with getting in the kitchen and trying the things Shelby whips up!


  • Shelbys creative take on classic recipes make for an interesting and delightful food experience. She really thinks out how each element will add the experience.

    Michele Treat

  • You have amazing food content, keep going!


  • I love all the unique and interesting ways she makes food. Always puts a new spin on it. Shelby does an amazing job bringing that to her readers/viewers. I was able to sample a few things that I wouldn’t try on my own. They were awesome. She always knows how to put a healthy yet flavorful spin on them.

    Tara Dockins

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